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1. Indonesia 🇮🇩
2. Abuja - Nigeria 🇳🇬
3. - India 🇮🇳
4. Nigeria 🇳🇬
5. Eswatini 🇸🇿 Southern Africa
6. - Algeria 🇩🇿



Create your own nearby group and put my 2 links in your group description and I send you free 50 members. Check 2 groups above for sample. All countries are accepted. Your nearby group will be promoted by me automatically, example: as you read right here.

At your group description add my 2 links below your own description, So... It becomes like this:

Your own description...
Global Group:
List of Groups:


We aim it covers all continents, We give group owner free 50 random Telegram members / subs as stimulant .
Waiting your collabs 🤗

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My Blog:
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Telegram SEO channel:

I always check regularly. If you delete my 2 links all connections and promotions which being held by me for your group will be disconnected either. I prefer "Fair Play" in this such cross promotion.

Scam Crypto Group, Racist and Violence Group (example: Far Right, Neo Nazi, Neo Facist also ISIS), Scam HYIP Investment, Scam Telegram Bot Group, Scam Trading, Carding Group, Porn Group etc ⛔⛔

Admin for Telegram SEO Group needed

Admin for SEO group needed.

Hi I'm Shireen Duvillard, owner of 45 groups + 60 channels, pages, bots and blogs at all social media.

I need admin at my SEO group because I have no time to maintain the groups, if you have basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and PHP is alright, plus your intentions to help newbies at SEO. Many unanswered questions at this group.

You can promote your resources anytime you wish at my groups also posting your SEO articles and your website at my SEO channel regularly.

SEO group:

SEO channel:

As seen at:

There is no salary for admin due the group is intended to help newbies in SEO and not a business group. Contact me @reen210 if you interested to be admin or tag me at this group @advertisehereforfreef:id:freeadsgroups:20201222203324j:plain

Start it from GSC - Google Search Console

Use Google Search Console (GSC) as your first SEO tool.

Many new website owner and blogger are pretty confusing how to start analytics and trouble shooting SEO performance 🙄🙄

My answer is GSC, other tools are the next equipment. Trust me. I didn't promote Google products, I swear, I just sharing what I did Bro...

Check my works:
Performance-on-Search-2020-09-27 - Google Drive

I'm self learning and I'm working on my blog with Google Search Console (GSC)

You can check my blog performance as I did it without pay single cent to anyone.
I don't pay anyone lol 😁

For 1 URL checks: (check below)

💚 13.52 CTR ( Click Through Rate)
💚 27.07 Visibility ( Procentage in Search Queries) / Position.
💚 USA geo target.
I mention about this because the results will be different if you have geo target India or Nigeria. Maybe more maybe less.

Overall by Domain Property (check below)

For 3 months:

💚 Avrg CTR: 19.1
💚 Avrg Position: 33.6

All are free 🆓🤗
You don't need to pay anyone if only want get indexed.
So.... Start learning yourself... Download GSC, test and fix your website, find their blog and articles about SEO. There is also link to their Blog in GSC app, it remains your efforts to explore it. Don't be lazy to read ok...


Sorry.... This time my post seems to be cliche and repetitive. I just intended to new learner yet still got headache how to start it 😩😩. For SEO agent, you can skip it 😁

Start learning yourself ok ... Find good SEO Blogs online. Ex: From Google dev blog, Moz blog, Majestic blog, Semrush blog, Ahref blog ..... Or you can subscribe to newsletter from Search Engine Journal, SEO Power Suite and much more.....

SEO is not Instant Noodles Bro 🍜🍜😩😩

As seen at:

____ Stay Tuned ___



Guest Posting - Free


Guest SEO Posting
Now opened at this Telegram SEO channel 🤗


💦 About SEO only.

💦 Free post, I have no money to pay you.

💦 Contents:
Media + Descriptions + Source Link + Identity of you ( your Telegram username or your own website).

💦 You are not admin at the channel but you can include your own promotion
>> website, channel, group, forums etc).

💦 Contact me for processing:

Thank You and Long Live Hatena Blog 💚💦🙄😁🤗🌴

Social Bookmarking Sites

120+ Social Media Websites that will bring you Organic Traffics for long time - Discontinue -f:id:freeadsgroups:20200903150625j:plain

List of Social Bookmarking Sites to gain your Backlinks - In number and Quality of your incoming links.

Social Media Bookmarking is one of my favorite method to get organic backlinks. You can have incoming links from Mix or Stumble Upon, Hatena Blogger, Buffer User and much more. 

You must have patience to use this system because you must register first at the forums, if you are happy with the forums you can continue your journey as Guest Blogger. And that's awesome 🤗💚


1.Organic Back links

2. Unstoppable connection, They didn't like to cut the link to your website, unlike paid backlink service agency where if you don't have money to pay the agency they put rel="nofollow" attribute as soon as possible. Paid backlink is not suggested by many SEO experts, somewhat they didn't care where's the source of backlinks. Assume it comes from DarkWeb.. You know it well.. 😁😁

3. Your link will be considered as "clicked link" by crawler, This point is different if your backlink is dead backlink which only bots visiting your link, many cases are Spam Bot.. 😱😱

See what Wikipedia talked about this:
Social bookmarking is an online service which allows users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Many online bookmark management services have launched since 1996; Delicious, founded in 2003, popularized the terms "social bookmarking" and "tagging". Wikipedia.

For more list of those sites please check my page on my previous blog. I can't post the list here due it will be considered as spamming:

Thank You for reading 🤗💚💦

Be Careful with Carder and Scammer


Always check your security status anytime you deal with Online Payment Transactions

Don't believe someone with big mouth promises, Carder is cheater. Ruins of DarkWeb. Nothing else, Escrow is very closed to those criminals. Escrow is middle man between Criminal Buyer and Cheater Seller. Never better. Escrow can betray you and report you to local Authority as " Should be "Jailed Person ".

These are one of the real facts we get the point on their bad activities. We knew because we've been years at  Telegram Group we managed, This scammer and his "friends" have been decades made poor people became poorer and the rich loosing money. I didn't mention country names to avoid racism, don't judge by country name because it's global, even many times I got (scammer) phone calls with prefix +1 (US / CA country code).
What they offer is really ridiculous and made my stomachache even worse 😂. They said:
"Invest to me $300 and earn $3,000 in next 24 hours".
... Amateur, definitely have no more words to scam😂.


Okay, let's talk about Carder, Carder is totally newbies in internet technology, little bit lucky because he get leaked "suspicious offer" from darkweb, they don't know how to write code in many programming languages like Ruby, Python, JS and so on. They don't know how create App or Apk because their brain is not smart enough to be developer but they have Master Degree how to say b***sh*t.
They just found if their smartphone could do bla bla bla and could manipulate "Super Computer" owned by Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc and he meet more stupid internet user and he claims can order new iPhone for you only with $100 (maybe less) from Amazon. It's just pre order to Amazon from carder and he soon received pre order notifications to his email from Amazon but he told you if your new phone will be landed in front of your house not longer than you take a bath. 😂😂
You pay half of your "fake" purchase to that shameless carder and it's game over... Amazon cancelled that fake purchase and you loosing money.... Completely ugly.

Other stories will be given next chapter (If #coronavirus not visiting me) ✌💕.

Thank You 💚🤗

Free Advertising Groups - Telegram

Mae :

It's been a pleasure joined Hatena Blogger Community, I started it about a month ago and feel great since this community is far away from scam and internet frauds ( definitely yes). I know people from Japan is very busy with their work, never think how to scam other country residents. That's awesome..

Unlike my own free ads Telegram group where people around the globe joined the group, all types of people completely available. Say you want meet struggling promoter, scammer, start up business maker, new internet user etc then you are on the right group.

My recommendation:
Please be careful if someone contact you personally ( PM / DM). Most cases they use fake profile, Man became Woman, From this country became that country and so on.

However I encouraged you all to join our free ads Telegram Group as I created and maintained since a year ago. I try the best to protect you from scammer and scam ads at the group. Report to me if there is someone do suspicious promotion. My username at the group is @reen210 .

I can't wait to see you joined my group especially native Japanese start up marketer. Promote with us because it is definitely free.

f:id:freeadsgroups:20200812114312j:plainSee you there.. Take care 💚