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Admin for Telegram SEO Group needed

Admin for SEO group needed.

Hi I'm Shireen Duvillard, owner of 45 groups + 60 channels, pages, bots and blogs at all social media.

I need admin at my SEO group because I have no time to maintain the groups, if you have basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and PHP is alright, plus your intentions to help newbies at SEO. Many unanswered questions at this group.

You can promote your resources anytime you wish at my groups also posting your SEO articles and your website at my SEO channel regularly.

SEO group:

SEO channel:

As seen at:

There is no salary for admin due the group is intended to help newbies in SEO and not a business group. Contact me @reen210 if you interested to be admin or tag me at this group @advertisehereforfreef:id:freeadsgroups:20201222203324j:plain