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Telegram Nearby Groups 📍👥

We are building Connected Telegram Local or Nearby Groups 👥 📍
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List of Nearby Groups 👥📍

1. Indonesia 🇮🇩
2. Abuja - Nigeria 🇳🇬
3. - India 🇮🇳
4. Nigeria 🇳🇬
5. Eswatini 🇸🇿 Southern Africa
6. - Algeria 🇩🇿



Create your own nearby group and put my 2 links in your group description and I send you free 50 members. Check 2 groups above for sample. All countries are accepted. Your nearby group will be promoted by me automatically, example: as you read right here.

At your group description add my 2 links below your own description, So... It becomes like this:

Your own description...
Global Group:
List of Groups:


We aim it covers all continents, We give group owner free 50 random Telegram members / subs as stimulant .
Waiting your collabs 🤗

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I always check regularly. If you delete my 2 links all connections and promotions which being held by me for your group will be disconnected either. I prefer "Fair Play" in this such cross promotion.

Scam Crypto Group, Racist and Violence Group (example: Far Right, Neo Nazi, Neo Facist also ISIS), Scam HYIP Investment, Scam Telegram Bot Group, Scam Trading, Carding Group, Porn Group etc ⛔⛔