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Start it from GSC - Google Search Console

Use Google Search Console (GSC) as your first SEO tool.

Many new website owner and blogger are pretty confusing how to start analytics and trouble shooting SEO performance πŸ™„πŸ™„

My answer is GSC, other tools are the next equipment. Trust me. I didn't promote Google products, I swear, I just sharing what I did Bro...

Check my works:
Performance-on-Search-2020-09-27 - Google Drive

I'm self learning and I'm working on my blog with Google Search Console (GSC)

You can check my blog performance as I did it without pay single cent to anyone.
I don't pay anyone lol 😁

For 1 URL checks: (check below)

πŸ’š 13.52 CTR ( Click Through Rate)
πŸ’š 27.07 Visibility ( Procentage in Search Queries) / Position.
πŸ’š USA geo target.
I mention about this because the results will be different if you have geo target India or Nigeria. Maybe more maybe less.

Overall by Domain Property (check below)

For 3 months:

πŸ’š Avrg CTR: 19.1
πŸ’š Avrg Position: 33.6

All are free πŸ†“πŸ€—
You don't need to pay anyone if only want get indexed.
So.... Start learning yourself... Download GSC, test and fix your website, find their blog and articles about SEO. There is also link to their Blog in GSC app, it remains your efforts to explore it. Don't be lazy to read ok...


Sorry.... This time my post seems to be cliche and repetitive. I just intended to new learner yet still got headache how to start it 😩😩. For SEO agent, you can skip it 😁

Start learning yourself ok ... Find good SEO Blogs online. Ex: From Google dev blog, Moz blog, Majestic blog, Semrush blog, Ahref blog ..... Or you can subscribe to newsletter from Search Engine Journal, SEO Power Suite and much more.....

SEO is not Instant Noodles Bro 🍜🍜😩😩

As seen at:

____ Stay Tuned ___